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The Magic of Espresso Pods

Welcome to our website esepods.net. Easy Serving Espresso Pods (or commonly called ese pods) provide an excellent means of bringing a great tasting cup of coffee to the home espresso machine. Introduced to the world by the Italian coffee maker illy in 1989, the espresso pods have grown ever since to now be found all around the world from New Zealand to Iceland.

Lucaffe Coffe IconSo what are these special coffee pods? Well they are a small compact disk of ground coffee, with a paper type of filter that measures 44 mm (or 1.7 inches) in diameter. The disk contains approximately 7 grams of coffee for the single shots or 14 grams for the double shots. The espresso drink is extracted through hot water being forced through the filter paper and compressed coffee to produce a rich flavored hot drink.




Baronet Coffee IconThere are many designs of machines on the market now days and along with a huge range of flavors to choose from. In addition to those produced by illy, there are product offerings from Baronet Coffee, Lucaffe, Aloha Island Coffee and Lavazza to name but a few.


Introduction to E.S.E. Pods

A little video here from our friends over at Seattle Coffee Gear. They provide a nice introduction to the coffee pods, what they are, what can you use them in and tips on making the best coffee from them. We hope you enjoy the video …

To give you a better idea of the products on offer, let us have a look at a couple of the more popular ones people are using in their homes on a regular basis, often purchased through the grocery & gourmet food sections of supermarkets or your more specially stores.

Lavazza Coffee Icon 1One of Lavazza’s more popular products, the Gran Crema Espresso, contains 150 pods in the pack. These pods of fine espresso coffee feature a blend of South American coffees combined with fragrant Asian varieties and intense coffees from the African highlands. The Lavazza Gran Crema pack feature their delicious Italian espresso coffee that has been perfectly pre-ground, pre-tamped then pressed between two pieces of special filter paper and ready for brewing.

Of course we think illy is still king in the home espresso coffee world and we enjoy their Caffe Scura Coffee. One cup and you’ll understand why illy is the number one choice of 4-star chefs, culinary experts and coffee connoisseurs. illy use a single blend of the finest 100% Arabic beans meticulously selected from around the world… skillfully roasted and air-cooled… then packaged in an air-free pressurized environment. The result: illy’s distinctive and consistent taste and exceptional freshness provide an unforgettable coffee experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Now the ese pods method has many advantages for the home user, including the great taste most brands produce from the freshness of the coffee sealed into the pods and variety of coffee flavors available. There is certainly less waste than other methods of producing the single serve coffee and probably its biggest advantage being the easy of preparation and cleaning afterwards.

The ese pods also present some disadvantages too, and these would include the waste from the discard of the pods after use and the relative higher cost of the home coffee drink compared to say something from a jar.